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Carton machinery and equipment processing operations

u  With the rapid development of the carton industry, carton machinery enterprises also rising.Before the 1970s, carton production equipment was single-machine manual operation with low production efficiency. In the 1980s, some carton enterprises began to introduce Japanese advanced equipment, corrugated board production line, water-based printing slotting machine, rotary die-cutting machine, etc., and domestic carton machinery enterprises began to imitate imported equipment.Most of domestic carton enterprises cannot accept the expensive imported equipment, which opens up an outlet for domestic machinery and equipment enterprises.However, the carton machinery and equipment high-speed, high-grade, efficient, high-tech development trend has been clear.Of course, there is still some gap between the domestic production line and the international product, which is mainly in the aspects of structure, speed, material and processing accuracy. Of course, it is possible to catch up with the international advanced level in 8~10 years if we strengthen research and make continuous improvement.
u  Carton machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in the future direction is to reduce the common tile line, the development of high-grade tile line.Three-layer tile line and five-layer ordinary tile line belong to low-grade products, due to slow speed, poor quality, low grade can not meet the market demand, limit the development of carton enterprises.Some enterprises of ordinary tile line use time is too long, equipment aging must be updated in high-grade tile line, of course, some small and medium-sized enterprises due to economic conditions and sales restrictions, for the development of production temporarily can only purchase ordinary corrugated line.Focus on the development of carton after processing equipment is the future direction of carton machinery enterprises.Carton production structure is being adjusted into a new pattern of professional division of labor and cooperation in production.The new carton enterprises in Shanghai basically adopt the mode of producing carton by the process after purchasing paperboard processing. This mode has the advantages of low investment, fast output, low cost and good benefit.Corrugated carton after the process is an important part of carton production.After solving the board quality is the key printing, cutting, bonding, die - cutting process.
u  Carton packaging developed provinces and cities, such as guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions are basically suitable for high-grade tile line.And western area economy is backward, packaging industry also is relatively backward, individual province still does not have tile line, rely on machine of one side to produce carton, some provinces and cities of western area do not have a few production lines, regard common model tile line as "treasure", still have development space.Therefore, the general type tile line also adapt to small and medium-sized carton enterprises and backward economy in the western region, can not be eliminated.However, as the goal of machinery manufacturing enterprises, should be oriented to carton packaging developed areas, the development of a new generation of high-grade, high-speed, high-quality equipment, carton machinery also to high-tech content development.


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