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Types of corrugated carton printing technology

u  At present, China's corrugated carton printing technology is in a period of rapid development, high-end carton printing technology in recent years to a great development, 60LPI~85LPI products gradually increased, sometimes even reached 100LPI~133LPI.However, it is undeniable that with the development of high-end carton printing technology, a series of problems are gradually increasing, mainly reflected in the low production efficiency and high rejection rate.Printing plate is one of the important raw materials for carton and carton production. Its characteristics not only affect the production efficiency of printing, but also directly affect the printing quality of products.Due to the plate structure, characteristics of the different, its printing quality and cost is also obviously different.
u  Solid resin version is by the plate production factory pre-sensitized resin, coating on thin metal plate or polyester substrate, made of uniform thickness plate.The version of a better tolerance, can reproduce a more sophisticated specular dot level, its expansion rate than the rubber version and the liquid resin version is much smaller, so it is more suitable for the production of regolith version and line version.However, the solid resin version of the price is more expensive, relatively high production costs.So, more suitable for printing bulk packaging products.Then, how to choose the right plate for printing according to the actual production conditions, product characteristics and plate characteristics of the factory is an important measure to improve the production efficiency and product quality of cartons.Therefore, a correct understanding of the characteristics of various printing plate, scientific and reasonable selection of carton printing plate, is a very important part of the carton factory procurement control.
u  Carton printing plate materials are divided into metal and non-metal two categories, the commonly used process mainly involves gravure printing, flexo printing (relief) and flat printing three, due to the different characteristics of the printing plate, its printing effect, production costs are also different.Photosensitive resin version is also known as photosensitive resin flexible version.Its main advantages are plate making process is simple, fast plate loading speed, high printing resistance, good ink transfer performance, the plate making speed than hand-carved and cast rubber version is much faster, printing quality is relatively stable.There are two types of light-sensitive resin plate liquid and solid, in which, the liquid light-sensitive resin plate is in the molding device, the liquid light-sensitive resin according to the required thickness of the molding plate.It does not pollute the environment, the cost is low, the production efficiency is high characteristic, is suitable for the monochrome printed matter which the text, the line primarily and the quality request is not high printed matter.Liquid resin version is easy to deformation, printing reproduction effect is poor.


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