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Printing and gluder inline production line

Name:Printing and gluder inline production line
Product introduction
印刷粘箱联动线连续化生产是将多道工序集中一次完成,并能生产各种异形纸箱,生产效率高,加工质量好。但无论单机生产还是用印刷粘箱联动线连续化生产,瓦楞纸箱的成型制造都要经过分纸论 开槽、切角、冲孔、印刷、模切、接合等工序.印刷粘箱联动线生产的瓦楞纸箱加工质量好,效率高,尤其是黏接,不论是外观质量,还是连接牢度均比钉接好,成本也比较适中。
Printing and gluing line continuous production is the concentration of a number of processes to complete, and can produce a variety of special-shaped carton, high production efficiency, good processing quality.But in any single production or printing carton binding linkage line, continuous production line are through paper prototyping manufacturing of corrugated paperboard slotting and Angle cutting, punching, printing, die cutting, such as joint process. Printing carton binding line production of corrugated carton processing are of good quality and high efficiency, especially the uf, whether the appearance quality, fastness are better than nail or connections, the cost is moderate.

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