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Auto feeder paper machine

产品名称(name):Auto feeder paper machine
产品介绍(product introduction)
1. Automatic paper board feeder is designed for carton printing and slotting machine with original chain in carton factory or chain slotting machine for continuous mass production.
2. The continuous paper feeding equipment developed and produced by the company with high strength can change the manual sheet feeding into the mechanical continuous paper feeding to ensure that the board is in the right direction, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity of the chief officer and the scrap rate.
3. Board size adjustment using screw adjustment mechanism.One person.Simple and quick.
4. Convenient adjustable size paper table.Better adapt to a variety of cardboard.And the paper feed is stable and accurate.
5. The paper feeding belt adopts high quality seamless rubber belt.Friction is high.Life is long.Low noise, easy maintenance.High economic benefits.Dual tension control.Convenient and reliable.
6. The drive shaft adopts decorative pattern roller.Increase friction with the paper conveyor belt.Ensure smooth and high speed paperboard delivery.
7. This machine has the electromagnetic clutch separation brake mechanism.
8. This machine adopts PLC automatic program control.High degree of automation.
9. The inverter drives the motor.Realize speed regulation and stable operation.
10. The photoelectric signal controls the electromagnetic clutch brake through PLC.Synchronization with the host.

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