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waste paper baler machine

产品名称(Nmae): 废纸打包机(waste paper baler machine)
产品介绍(product introduction)
在国外样机的基础上重新改进设计制造而成,使用范围广,不管大小包装,不用调整机器就可以打包该机属机械式结构, 部分采用进口零件,后刀刃稳定可靠,调整方便等特点。
The main working principle of the packaging machine is that it can automatically complete the bundling process of bundling, thermal bonding, cutting and outgoing after inserting the packaging belt, and can automatically stop the machine.Based on the foreign prototype, the machine is designed and manufactured by improving again. It has a wide range of use. No matter the size of the package, the machine can be packaged without adjustment.

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