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Automatic Laminating machine

产品名称(Name):全自动裱纸机 (Automatic Laminating machine)
【产品介绍】  Introduction to products      
     Fully automatic paper mounting machine adopts back push claw and back positioning paper feeding, with side gauge of shrapnel and bottom paper suction system, which makes this machine have wide range of paper use and high precision, while retaining the features of simple operation and easy maintenance of this machine.
     This machine adopts the medium and high design of cots, with the netting cots, greatly improve the coating uniformity, increase the lamination strength, reduce the production cost of customers.
     After the balance treatment and test, the steel roller with tight assembly process effectively improves the stability of the machine, coupled with the main transmission using timing belt and toothed belt transmission, effectively improve the accuracy of the machine, reduce the running noise.
     BZJ series automatic paper mounting machine adopts liquid level control system, automatic circulation gluing, greatly reducing labor intensity.Independently developed the powerful feida paper feeding and electrical control system, and all the electrical appliances adopt international and domestic famous brands, which makes the machine run stably with low failure rate.

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