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semi-auto die cutting creasing machine

产品名称(name):semi-auto die cutting creasing machine
【产品介绍】product introduction
This machine is used for high strength paper teeth row, advanced open tooth paper mechanism can adapt to various types of cardboard, corrugated: front and rear positioning and side positioning mechanism to ensure the paper die cutting quarter.With high-precision shorthand mechanism: quick action of the pneumatic clutch, starting the lock version.Using programmable control and man-machine interface, digital display machine speed, processing sheet number, total running time: the machine's fault display makes troubleshooting very convenient.Application of frequency conversion control of the main motor, stepless speed regulation, smooth operation.The machine is equipped with sensors and safety devices in many places to ensure the normal use of the machine and personal safety.Die - cutting pressure can be adjusted separately before and after, receive a car convenient, at the same time can carry out die - cutting without mouth.

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