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semi-automatic gluer machine

Name: semi-automatic gluer machine
半自动压合式粘箱机是根据用户中小订单需要最新开发的,它体积小占地少,操作简便不需经验,非常适合小批量产品的生产和品种的更换,适用范围广,普通纸箱,异型彩盒单页成型的粘合,加装自动喷胶装置后还能做勾底纸盒和天地盖纸盒,节省胶水,胶水用量是手工涂胶的1/3,省人工机器最高转速56米/分钟,效率是手工操作的3-4倍,粘接牢固,整齐不溢胶,专利双头打磨器能非常好的将粘口部进行打磨去除UV光膜层或覆膜塑料层等,提高胶水的粘接力,解除了一些纸箱厂在一些季节纸箱容易开胶的难题。本机采用手工收折,在提高工作效率的同时还适用全自动及不好加工的压痕线不正,特殊异型与纸面有开窗的制品,磨纸部高硬度,超长寿命磨纸轮,超高转速磨纸轮保证效果,高效吸尘器使碎纸全部吸走,保证工作环境清洁,涂胶部采用不锈钢胶桶,耐多种胶水腐蚀   多型号糊轮配置,能满足不同产品需求。
Semi-auto gluer machine, semi-automatic pressure according to user needs the latest development, small and medium-sized order it small volume covers an area of less, easy to operate without experience, very suitable for small batch production and the replacement of varieties, the applicable scope is wide, ordinary carton, different color box sheet molding glue, equipped with automatic spray glue device can do after hook box cover carton of heaven and earth, save the glue, glue dosage is the 1/3 of manual glue, manual machine high speed 56 m/min, the efficiency of three to four times that of manual operation, adhesion strong, neat don't glue,The patented double-end sander can remove the adhesive part by polishing the UV film layer or laminated plastic layer, improve the adhesion of glue, and remove the problem that some cartons are easy to open in the season.The machine adopts manual folding, while improve the work efficiency also apply automatic indentation line is not straight and bad processing, special alien with a window to paper products, paper mill of high hardness, long life paper grinding wheel, ultra-high speed grinding roller to ensure effect, high efficient cleaner the shredding all suck, guarantee the working environment clean, glue stainless steel plastic barrels, corrosion resistance to a variety of glue paste wheel model, more can meet the demand of different products.

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